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Nov. 2, 1982

I am a normal person. At least that is what I know about myself. 


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sexual Healing

So let’s look at the subject
I’m gonna tell you why I’m disgusted

So tonight, it looks like sex will be our topic of discussion
Now see, sex isn’t evil, for marriage is why God made it
But I know you’re like “c’mon.. that’s too outdated.”
“This is 2011 bro, we do it for recreation.”
And hey, if you’re in college you do it while you’re wasted.

But I want to question this logic
I want to pop off the seal
I want to question something
that we think is already a done deal

So take a rape victim for example
And once its revealed
When her bruises go away
Is she totally healed?

Nah, the damage is lasting
You can see it in her eyes
But if it was just abused recreation
Why did it ruin her life?

I mean if sex is just for fun
Why does it take such a toll?
Maybe its because you don’t just
 have sex with a body
You  have sex with a soul

Which means for me
There ain’t no pre-marital lovin’
And it ain’t just cause I don’t want a baby in the oven
It’s cause I’m staying pure till the day that I’m a husband

But see, this wasn’t always me
That’s a guarantee
Let’s go back in the past
See who I used to be

Now growing up
I never learned how to treat a lady
If I learned one thing from my dad…
It was leave the mom, ditch the baby

Now I don’t say that to get sympathy
I say that to be real
Because, according to stats,
About 40% of you know how that feels

So I let the T.V. show me
What the music already told me
No dad at home
So I was letting MTV mold me

And they sold me
Which is why my life revolved
Around whatever girl I could get next
My Life revolved around this girl named Sex

Sure I’d get at her on the texts
But I gotta confess
It seemed the longer we dated
The bigger the mess

But then my girlfriend was late
On that time of the month
If you know what I mean you understand
When I say my heart sunk

I started to think about abortion, man
I started to butter it up
But its funny - They don’t just 
make condoms for sin
You can’t just cover it up

It was just a scare
But I knew a father , I didn’t want to be
Its funny how I was pro-life
Until it happened to me

So dudes think twice before you desire her
Just because you think that she’s hot
Cause the truth is – your body makes a promise
Whether you do or not.

Sorry I digressed though
Lets get back to the topic
Now there’s some dude who pressure her
Even when she says stop it

You’re not a man, you’re just a boy that can shave
And you put on a good cover
Cause if you don’t respect her when she says know
You certainly don’t love her

So how about you start studying her heart
Stop studying her booty
Or maybe – invest the same amount 
of time in her
That you do in Call of Duty

Cause what makes you think you can get this girl
And all of a sudden get naughty
Because you should have to touch her heart and her mind first
Before you ever touch her body

Because she longs to be accepted
She longs to be loved
So she gives herself up
To another guy’s lust

She thinks it feels good at her first
But then she gets bitter
Because the promise of satisfaction –
It never delivers

She’s like I don’t want to
But its just too tempting
So she keeps opening up the present
Just to find that its empty

And then she starts to get confused
She keeps getting rejected by all these dudes
They tell her on a scale of 10 – she’s a 2
But that ain’t true. If only she knew.

That Jesus – He loves and accepts us
Even when you don’t want Him, He’ll never reject us
He heals us from that sin that totally infects us
And He does what condoms can’t - He emotionally protects us

And I know some of you here – you’re gonna want to indict me
But we’ve got to think rightly, so I’ll ask politely
Can you  really say this isn’t even true?
Just slightly?

I mean, we touched the forbidden fruit
Just to realize its Poison Ivy
Now we’re numb and we’re itching
And we got a distorted psyche

You don’t think,  you just do it
Like your name was Nike
Not realizing that the consequences of your actions
Are oh so pricey

So this last story though
Is for those who think they’re too dirty
This last story is for those
Who think they’re unworthy

Read John chapter 8
The woman caught in adultery
The religious leaders throw her naked in the Temple
While she yells “Don’t murder me”

They say “Jesus, the Law commands us to stone this woman”
And you hear the hate in their tone
Jesus Pauses then says
“Whoever is without sin – you can cast the first stone”

I mean can you imagine the sound?
Silence all around
You hear footsteps walk away
You hear stones hit the ground

And then Jesus kneels down
The woman thought it was her demise
He lifts up her face
You see the grace in His eyes

He says “I don’t condemn you”
“Go and sin no more”
I love you, I accept you
Mercy is yours

But if you’re anything like me
You’re like “No, that can’t be”
Why would He
Ever die for me?

But you see, then I saw that scene
Where I was redeemed
He reached out and touched me
And said “Jeff, you’re free”

Instantly I was wearing the brightest robe I’d ever seen
I was perfectly spotless. I was perfectly clean.
So bright, in fact, that I thought I’d go blind.
I said “Whose is this?” 
He said “Actually its mine”

So think twice before you eat
What society feeds us
Come follow the King
His name is Jesus!

- jeff bethke

poisoned_____2:22 PM

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

One of my favorite Songs...

Hey girl I got somethin' real important to give you
So just sit down and listen
Girl you know we've been together such a long long time
(such a long time)
And now I'm ready to lay it on the line
(Wooow) You know it's Christmas and my heart is open
Gonna give you something so you know what's on my mind
A gift real special, so take off the top
Take a look inside -- it's my dick in a box
Not gonna get you a diamond ring
That sort of gift don't mean anything
Not gonna get you a fancy car
Girl ya gotta know you're my shining star
Not gonna get you a house in the hills
A girl like you needs somethin' real
Wanna get you somethin' from the heart
Somethin' special girl
It's my dick in a box, my dick in a box babe
It's my dick in a box, my dick in a box girl
See I'm wise enough to know when a gift needs givin'
And I got just the one, somethin' to show ya that you
are second to none
To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress
It's easy to do just follow these steps
1: Cut a hole in a box
2: Put your junk in that box
3: Make her open the box
And that's the way you do it
It's my dick in a box... my dick in a box babe
It's my dick in a box, my dick in a box girl
Christmas; dick in a box
Hanukkah; dick in a box
Kwanzaa; a dick in a box
Every single holiday a dick in a box
Over at your parent's house a dick in a box
Mid day at the grocery store a dick in a box
Backstage at the CMA's a dick in a box (yeah-wow-wow-
a dick in a box...


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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tired or Deranged?

Stammering. Missing vowels and even words... I can only think of two reasons as to why this is hapening. I'm either doing things too quickly, never reviewing the things that I do, or my mind is tired as of the moment. I'm tending to think that it's the former because even though I've had only 3 hours of sleep, I was still able to drive to the office and work for the first half of the day. I know I still have a lot of juice in my mind it's just that I can't seem to relay them in a formal manner.

Office emails should be alsmost perfect. It should have good grammar and I should really send the message across that I am a professional. I've send almost a dozen emails today and they all have lapses.

What the hell's happening to me? Am I pressured or some shit like that? I don't think so. Well, come to think of it, I've done a lot of things today but why is it that I'm always making mistakes in writing?

I should learn to settle down and relax. I should be able to review my work more diligently before sending it out. If it means using the spell check more often, then by all means. I should be better than this.

Better than all of this.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


“500 fights, that’s the number I figured when I was a kid. 500 street fights and you could consider yourself a legitimate tough guy. You need them for experience. To develop leather skin. So I got started. Of course, along the way you stop thinking about being tough and all that. It stops being the point. You get past the silliness of it all. But then, after, you realize that’s what you are.”

I tell you... You learn a lot of things one the way to 500. None more important than this...

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Friday, September 16, 2011

May ibubuga pa ba ang buhay sa pinas? Parang mahirap na dito sobra. Isang kahig isang tuka sa araw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos. Nakakatamad kumayod...

Bakit meron naman mga tao na ubod ng yaman dito?

May ginagawa kaya akong mali?

Pano kaya tayo pwede umahon sa ganitong klaseng mundo...

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Taste of My Own Medicine
I was a team manager before. I’ve had my fair share of successes and disappointments. I’ve made people laugh, cry, happy and sad. I’ve had a fair chance in dealing with people and finding out what works best.
I couldn’t say I was the best but I think I was alright. I just tried to get along knowing that the people I work with are mature enough to handle the responsibilities and I tried accepting their individual personalities.
Micro-management is a flaw in leadership traits.
You don’t treat others as if they are kids who don’t know what to do without you guiding them.
Now that I’m once again am part of the workforce, I can’t seem to ignore the faults that I see. I’ve made those mistakes before and now that I’m pulling the other end of the rope, I’m feeling the unjust treatment.
I hope the story ends well wherein the person understands … these types of things just don’t work.
I hope the person changes for the better because if not, it’s not us who will fail.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Complete Again

My best friend’s back! 1 year and 4 months spent without talking to him consistently. So long a time that you don’t get to relay thoughts, help each other out, or just have fun together. And now he’s back and the 4-man cell is complete again…

It truly has been quite a while and a lot has happened.

My best buddy has a lovely daughter who just turned one.
My brother-from-another-mother, now officially single, is happily wasting his life away with Magic Cards and night-outs with whoever.  
I’m married to the woman who’s destined to be my soul mate.
A lot indeed has happened and my best friend didn’t have a chance to be with us in those times… but now, I know he could catch up.

It’s funny though. I thought being apart for more than a year would make you feel uneasy meeting the person again. But last night, it was a happy reunion. Even if it’s just the two of us together with my wife and his fiancé, even if the best bud and half brother weren’t, even if it’s the same old place, drinking the same old Starbuck’s coffee. It’s all just conversational fun.

I know he will be busy since he’s also getting married but we all will find time for everybody. I’m sure of it.

We’re complete again: My best bud, my brother-from-another-mother, my best friend! I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this year.

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