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Nov. 2, 1982

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Transitions -- -- I'm back... :)

Oh yes, this is part two of my rants. Why the hell me? I managed to keep my thoughts far long before but then I think it's high time for me to give a little bit more depth and specifics to my ranting. Being somebody that some people look up to does not mean that they can do almost anything. One of my friends and colleagues told me that you become somebody special because you are damn good at what you do. I sort of disagreed at some parts because I believe you become special because of the different things that you can do. But then again, when you think about it, why separate the personality? You become great because of your skill and because of your talent. Period.

Skill is acquired expertise. It is based on effort that is doubled, tried and tested through time. When you gain a skill, you develop into somebody better. When the time comes, you will have become an expert and everybody who are doing the same thing as you are doing, will naturally come to you for help and advise. This is one of the things that will let you be recognized.

Talent is inate. It is something that you already have, which proves to be an advantage in everything that you do. When you have something special, you become special. That is just how the way life goes. Each and everybody has talents. What matters is that you are able to use your talents to make good of things.

Concentrating on both of these, you will come to realize that life would be hard if you lose either one of them. Imagine an guitarist who lost one hand? What kind of life would he live? How about a doctor who has done something wrong and his medical license is ceased forever. You have the skill, but you are no longer able to use it. How would you feel?

Now why am I explaining these concepts? Coz it happened to me. I have the knack for solving website technical problems. As far as I know, this led me to excel. And now I'm being asked to do something I did not expect. Something I do not even like. And that is to learn a totally different line of work. I have just lost an edge. I will be tasked to help a bunch of people who actually have greater skill than me? What kind of help am I supposed to give when they already know how to solve their own problems? What kind of assistance can I provide when I don't even know what to do?

Sure in due time I will become an expert. But by the mere fact that the best people are already in the group, my efforts will turn into nothing. Shall I just sit pretty and expect everything to work out in itself? I don't have what it takes anyway. Time is irrelevant because they are already ahead of me. They will always know more than I do. So what can I do?

To treat it as a challenge is something more of a positive statement. And people who will be reading this will have another view of my situation. I already know the other side and it is also true. It's easier said than done though.

I'm just ranting because it all happened so suddenly and it is like a surprise attack. Now I have to live through it with all the expectations. It's all so stressing and I'm kinda losing my motivation to work.

On to the brighter side of things.

The new group is accommodating. Now that is something I'm always looking forward to. It's something that will keep me going. They are very nice and dedicated people. Perhaps all I have to do now is take care of them. I will just concentrate on the fact that I'm doing this to help the people I will be working with from now on. I find that task more rewarding -- Doing something to help the people and not just to improve the work they are already doing.

So if somebody asks me, do I like where I am right now? I'd probably say, "Nope" and I would say it without hesitations. But there will always be a follow-up statement.

"But I like who I'm working with... that's enough for me".

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