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Nov. 2, 1982

I am a normal person. At least that is what I know about myself. 


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Saturday, December 31, 2005

I always thought one of my friends was really really wise. And then he said this...
"New Year, New Life, New Stuff, New Shit... Same old life" Hope we all survive...
Yeah!!! Happy New Year to All of you!!!!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

To one Good friend

Yes, to me you are one of my good friends. For a short period of time, I've come to know and appreciate who you are. In that short span of time, I've come to love the person that you are. We share common interests and depth in the understanding of life. Rarely do I find somebody I can actually relate to. It usually takes so long before somebody gets to know me better, but believe me, you already know more compared to my other friends. I don't know... it must have been your character that got me to be your friend. Your sweet, kind, yet strong and perceptive personality. Or perhaps you really are the amiable type. Whatever it is, I am glad that we crossed paths. I thank fate for bringing us together and letting us share a good friendship.

In a short span of time, I've already considered you as a great friend. I really wish that this will last till my last breath. Thanks for being you.

And as a wish on your special day, I wish nothing but only the best for a special person like you.

Ivy Lovelle Concepcion, have a blessed birthday, and may you have many more happy ones to come.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

This is the Saddest Christmas of My life...
But I Chose it not to be... I will have the time of my life!

poisoned_____7:23 PM

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To One of my Dearest Friends

It's been almost 6 years since I first met you. Not a day passes by that I don't think of you and the wonderful friendship we've had. My life has become sweeter and bearable because I had the chance to see you and talk to you each day in school. We've been through trials and tortures together. We went home late together, bearing the hours of traffic and just chatting impatience away. I always loved your company and up to now, I long for it. Even though we don't get to see each other often anymore; even though our schedules seem to clash and we couldn't even text each other, I want you to know that you will always have a special place in my heart... together with the rest of the gang. Thanks for being one of my very good friends...

Just a simple dedication to show how important you are to me. As of now, my undying loyalty and friendship is the only gift I could give.

Michelle Fujen Santos, I wish you all the luck and success that life has to offer. You deserve only the best... Have a very Happy Birthday on the 23rd.

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Monday, December 19, 2005


WAAAHHH!!! bat ka tumigil? Ano nangyari? Bakit ayaw mag-try nang mga tao... bakit ayaw nila sumugal? Maliit nalang nga ang gagawin nila... madali lang nga ang gagawin nila sa buhay nila... bakit ganun? Di ko maintindihan!!! Anliit nang kailangan mong ilabas para maumpisahan tapos biglang putok! Wa... wa tayong napala... wam bam tenk u nalang.... Bahala kayo! Di ako titigil... gagawin ko toh... may ilang milyon pa akong hindi nahahawakan. May ilang milyon pa akong pwedeng gawin. Maghihintay ako. Pero salamat... mejo nangamba na ako. Mag-aayos na rin ako... Akala ko pwede na ako umasa sayo pero puputok ka rin pala. hmmm... a lesson in life... don't trust too much.

Buti nalang EB kami. Thanks to Iya who took some time to arrange it. Thanks sa mga pumunta. Baknoy, Meann, Germs, Ives, Iya and Roan. Maasahan talaga kayo. Salamat sa masayang araw.

Buti nalang din andito ang bestfriend ko... kahit papano nagkaroon ako nang rason para harapin ang kahit ano ulit. Kapag bumagsak, isang yaya... ilang bote... yosi... HAPPY!!!! hehehe...

poisoned_____10:39 PM

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Everyday Life... RPG Style

Life is always an adventure... no matter how boring it might seem to be. You wake up every morning, ready to face whatever in this world. Such is the story of every human being. Perception just differentiates it. Here is my view...

(Press start) I woke up today on a sunny saturday morning. Everything seems to be ok but suddenly, I heard explosions outside the house. I quickly dressed up and rushed outside. (Press I for inventory, load equipment. Shirt = +1 to defense, shorts= +1 to defense, slippers= +1 to movement) I found out that an electric cable was disconnected and sparks are flying everywhere. My neice was outside, seemingly playing with the dancing cord, not knowing the danger he is putting himself into. So I gathered enough courage and strength to launch myself toward him and grab him, carry him to safety. (gained new ability = Jump and Grab --> carry a member of your party to safety from emminent danger.) After that, I spent hours in front of the TV to rest and be entertained. (Recharge) And there we go, ready for action again... still waiting for upcoming gimmicks as of the moment. I wish there is. If not, I'll be sleeping... what a day...

In a few weeks it's gonna be a new year. It's gonna be a new me... (Level UP!!!)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Truth Will Set you free...

That has got to be one of the most Bullshit sayings I've ever heard. I found the truth and yet it just made me feel worse. But then again... if the world wants to play with me, I'm up for a challenge.

On another note, will people please stop bugging me? (I'm not referring to my blog friends oki?) This is the first time that I'm living my life on my own. This is the first time I'm doing things for me and me alone. So... WAG kayong makulit! Dad I'll find a job again probably next year na. Mom don't mind me coz I'm not going to kill myself. To my tita, No I'm sorry I won't be living with you in Boston coz I don't have a reason to be there anymore. So DON'T make me aight? To my friends who don't wanna have a good time and want to know more about my probs... please don't mind me or I'll stay away from you.

I learned from a friend that timing is important and should be perfect. That's what I gotta go... wait...

So don't mind me, I'm ok and that's the truth...

poisoned_____10:21 AM

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

CHEEE!!! wala akong paki

"POTANG INA! Alam ko bakante ang utak ko pero puta naman bugbog sa kakaisip ngayon. Anong meron kapag december ha? Tapos tabuyan pa nang kaibigan? Taena ganun lang ba kadali ibalewala ang pagkakaibigan? Di ka nagbigay nang maayos na rason hunghang! Di ko kayang tanggapin ang bigla nalang wala nang balak sa kahit ano. Ano tinatamad ka?Ano give up na? Iwanan ka namin!wala akong paki... di ko kailangan magpaapekto sa inyo mga gagu! Kung kuntento na kayo sa ganyang buhay wala akong magagawa ngayon eh kung desisyon niyo yan eh! Cheeeee... wala akong pakeeeeeeeee... *laklak SML* Oi tara casino na Hamosila! wahahaha... "

Ok ba ang buhay walang paki? The quickest way to "solve" a problem is to walk away and wait until it's ok to come back. That way, the issue will not be aggravated. yeah right... throw away the chance to have a really fruitful relationship with people. Throw away the possibility of having a deeper understanding with each other. It's like building a crumbling castle... great companionship... no foundation. Then again castles are still castles right? So stay away while it's crumbling and get back when everything seems to be alright. Let's have fun while it lastsssss.... not to worry... all we need to do is stay away and look for another castle to have fun in bwahahahaha.

SHIT... what a way to live your life ......... we are all guilty of this sometimes. I am... never proud of it. Shit just happens. If you don't wanna deal with it, live with it -- The greatest lesson life has to offer me.

Oo nga pala... Non more EB. Busy po ang karamihan. Yung mga trip maglantern parade bumisita kayo sa UP at text niyo ko. Kitain ko kayo... suki ako nun... 10 years na. hehe... di ko nga lang alam kung kelan yun. Ives kelan yun? hehe...

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Friday, December 09, 2005

ETO and sa Mundo


Noong ako'y nalulunkot at walang makasama. Kasamang nagmamahal, kasamang umuunawa. Kaya ako'y humingi nang tulong sa Poong Bathala. At kanyang ibinigay, magandang diwata.

Diwata ikaw ang buhay ko... diwata ikaw ang pag-asa ko... diwata ikaw ang liwanag sa buhay kong madilim... diwata ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin.

Ngunit sa pagdaan nang mga panahon, ako'y muling nalulunkot. Dahil mukha mo'y di na muli nasilayan. At buhay ko'y muling bumalik sa kadiliman.

Diwata ikaw ang buhay ko... diwata ikaw ang pag-asa ko... diwata ikaw ang liwanag sa buhay kong madilim... diwata ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin.

I know it's pathetic... still bitter but I'm surviving.

I had a chat with a friend the other day. I told her how I get misunderstood... how I seem to get people to think about me differently. She told me that I am different. She told me that as long as I do what I do ... the people around me will never be at ease.

I cannot accept that. I refuse to accept that. But life has given me no choice... so from now on... I will try to live my life full of pretentions...

Once in my life I dared to be different. My life changed drastically after that. But life and culture just restricts me to become who I want to be for others... so I choose to be normal only to save the people I love the most.

Thanks for the advice couzy...

So that's that.... SINONG PWEDE SA DECEMBER 17!!!!!????!!!!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


OI!!! Polls tayo! Kelan kayo pwede at ano magandang plano! Paki-comment nalang po...

A) Swimming with Inuman and Tambay

B) Dinner with Inuman and tambay

C) House party with Videoke, Inuman and tambay

D) Tambay... sa greenbelt. Dun sa benches ulit... haha! SABAW!!!

Set tayo!!!

"Sometimes, the most important thing that we get from a relationship is not the guarantee of permanence but the lesson that we learn from it when it fails. Its not how much love we have received but how much love we have given. Its not how many tears we have shed, but how much laughter we have shared. Its not how many times we were accepted but how many times we understood when we were rejected. In the end, its not always how much happiness we have had because of love, but how much we have given that made others happy."

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Friday, December 02, 2005


"OH!!! I'm da party starter, you might have a good time but we party harder so tell that DJ to play my song so we can dance all night to the early mornin!!!"

Damn! I missed dancing. The floor is full bodies grinding to the beat that fills the whole room. The sweat slowly trinkles down from your neck to your chest. Energy fills up and you can't stop moving. There's a tremendous rush of pleasure and everybody is having their fill. Problems become non-existent and happiness slowly replaces it. Ahhh... I really missed grooving.

Thanks to Ivesy and Candice for inviting me and for dancing the night away. I genuinely had fun!!! Sa uulitin!!!

poisoned_____3:27 AM

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