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Nov. 2, 1982

I am a normal person. At least that is what I know about myself. 


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Taste of My Own Medicine
I was a team manager before. I’ve had my fair share of successes and disappointments. I’ve made people laugh, cry, happy and sad. I’ve had a fair chance in dealing with people and finding out what works best.
I couldn’t say I was the best but I think I was alright. I just tried to get along knowing that the people I work with are mature enough to handle the responsibilities and I tried accepting their individual personalities.
Micro-management is a flaw in leadership traits.
You don’t treat others as if they are kids who don’t know what to do without you guiding them.
Now that I’m once again am part of the workforce, I can’t seem to ignore the faults that I see. I’ve made those mistakes before and now that I’m pulling the other end of the rope, I’m feeling the unjust treatment.
I hope the story ends well wherein the person understands … these types of things just don’t work.
I hope the person changes for the better because if not, it’s not us who will fail.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Complete Again

My best friend’s back! 1 year and 4 months spent without talking to him consistently. So long a time that you don’t get to relay thoughts, help each other out, or just have fun together. And now he’s back and the 4-man cell is complete again…

It truly has been quite a while and a lot has happened.

My best buddy has a lovely daughter who just turned one.
My brother-from-another-mother, now officially single, is happily wasting his life away with Magic Cards and night-outs with whoever.  
I’m married to the woman who’s destined to be my soul mate.
A lot indeed has happened and my best friend didn’t have a chance to be with us in those times… but now, I know he could catch up.

It’s funny though. I thought being apart for more than a year would make you feel uneasy meeting the person again. But last night, it was a happy reunion. Even if it’s just the two of us together with my wife and his fiancé, even if the best bud and half brother weren’t, even if it’s the same old place, drinking the same old Starbuck’s coffee. It’s all just conversational fun.

I know he will be busy since he’s also getting married but we all will find time for everybody. I’m sure of it.

We’re complete again: My best bud, my brother-from-another-mother, my best friend! I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this year.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Wishing to have a lithium ion cell
Attached to me. Yes… I’m wishing I don’t need to rest and sleep. I wish that all I need to do is take out a socket and cord out of my butt and just  plug myself for an hour or two. Fast charging. Ok, I guess not from my butt. Maybe my chest that’s less ridiculous.
There are so many things I want to do and the day is never enough. There are so many places to explore so many people to hang out with.
I really don’t want to spend 7-8 hours of the day just to sleep as I feel it’s quite a big waste.
I guess we just gotta do with what we have for now.  Who knows they develop some kind of technology that could solve this issue in the future? Hmmmm…. Let’s wait and see.

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