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Who am I

Nov. 2, 1982

I am a normal person. At least that is what I know about myself. 


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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Letting go and Reaching Out

I'm tired of holding the pain and the sorrow. It's time to let go. It's time to shine once again. Life is too short to hold on to something that doesn't wanna be held. Life is too fragile to hope. Too short to choose not to give your love again. So I'm letting go of everything and going back to the world I once lived. It's time to reach out.

It's time to have fun and be with people whom you know that cares. It's time to get the good times rolling and just forget the anguish... the sadness. Life is too bleak to live it with tears. If at anytime you will be dying... end it with a bang! Be the best person you can ever be.

Carpe Diem... be the Miracle...

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

When I see the lovely eyes...

Batting... droopy... glimmering. It sends chills into my spine whenever I get to gaze at them. Fantasy and reality intertwine and I am brought to a state of ecstacy... Whenever I get to look into those eyes.

On Life

Hope + Doubt = Passion. Up to now I could not understand just what the hell this means. But I'm slowly learning... Slowly applying the things that I have learned into life. Work. Lovelife. I've learned that it isn't ideal to be happy-go-lucky in some aspects of your life. Everything needs to be planned. It needs a strategy and a determined goal. Fun is fun though! Nobody will ever take that away from me! Yeah!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mind Over Heart

I always thought that knowing everything and making a decision is always needed in life. I always thought that you should think about everything before doing something. But there actually is a danger in over-analyzing and you tend to forget to follow the thing that's beating in your chest.

Life is too short for too much planning... too much thinking... too much worrying. Life is too short to be busy. It has to be enjoyed. Stop and smell the roses... enjoy life as it is. No matter how hard or easy-going it is.

I've learned to take things slow. I've learned to listen and be sensitive, not only to others but to myself as well. I've finally learned to take care of myself. I still don't believe though that people care about those who only care about themselves. But people do not care about doormats... they just pity them. People don't care about the conceited as well. There's always this middleground that you always have to control. I still won't change that much... I will still care more for others compared to myself. But I will give me a little credit from now on. I'll stop and smell the roses. I will have fun. I will enjoy this ride called "life". From now on... I will learn to smile...

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Do's and Don't "s"

Never attempt to use the fax machine before even knowing how to.

Always check to see if the escalator is moving up before going up.

Mango + white chocolate + cream + vodka = BATHROOM

Ask the guards in Makati area to see if it is a smoking zone or you'll get fined 1500 pesos.

Do not look like a mermaid/shokoy when taking a group pix.

Gamble with your extra money and not your doe for the rest of the week.

Fruit salad and a lot of cream as well as condensada is NOT a diet food.

Look like a zombie when riding the MRT and people will stay away. (MORE SPACE!)

Sleep with your shorts on, especially when the door is unlocked.

Humiliating, embarrassing and downright stupid things I have done last week. I hope this week turns out better. Haha!

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